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Listed are questions that are frequently asked of us by our customers. We are sure that there are many more that are not listed. If you have any other questions you can contact us by phone at (800) 342-5495, or e-mail at

  1. What different types of materials does Hi-Tech Profiles, Inc. extrude?
    We specialize in the extrusion of engineered thermoplastic materials. Some of the material types can be found in our Engineered Materials list, click here to see the list.
  2. What is the minimum and maximum wall thickness that Hi-Tech Profile, Inc. can extrude?
    We can extrude wall thickness between .025" to .250".
  3. Is multi-layer tubing a stock item for Hi-Tech Profiles, Inc.?
    We manufacture multi-layer tubing by custom order only.
  4. Can Hi-Tech Profiles, Inc. add UV stabilizer to products?
    Yes, some of our products can have UV stabilizer added.
  5. What is Hi-Tech Profiles, Inc. standard stock length?
    Standard length is 5 foot. Although for shipping and customer preference different lengths can be manufactured.
  6. Are all of Hi-Tech Profiles, Inc. products made in straight lengths?
    No, depending on the bend radius some products can be coiled.
  7. Does Hi-Tech Profiles, Inc. extrude sheets?
    Yes, we can extrude thin sheets up to 6" wide.
  8. What is Hi-Tech Profiles, Inc. minimum and maximum OD range that you can extrude?
    Our extrusion capabilities range from .060 to 2-1/2 inches.
  9. Does Hi-Tech Profiles, Inc. carry an inventory of stock products?
    We have an extensive inventory of many sizes and types of tubing, hollow rod and bushing stock that are available for same day shipping.
  10. Who does Hi-Tech Profiles, Inc. sell to?
    We sell to Plastic Distributors. A majority of our customers are members of IAPD.
  11. How long has Hi-Tech Profiles, Inc. been in production?
    We have been in business Since 1988. Raymond J. Quinlan founded in Connecticut and moved to Rhode Island in 2009.

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