braided Tubing



Wire Types: Stainless Steel, Plastic and Coated Wires

Round Wire / Fiber Sizes: up to 0.010” (dependent on specified materials)

Flat Wire / Fiber Sizes: 0.0005” x 0.002” up to 0.003” x 0.008” (dependent on specific materials)

Monofilament Fibers: Nylon and custom extruded fibers.

Multi Filament Yarns: Nylon, Polyester, PP, Kevlar and custom extruded fibers.

DescriptionBraiding adds additional strength and is formulated to comply with FDA requirements.

Braided tubing is used in the automotive, medical, micro-electronics, wire and cable, technical textile and composite materials industries where cost, efficiency and durability are critical. 

The unique braided construction and wide expandability allows quick and easy installation over large range of materials which can be found in applications ranging from small office/home office to high tech wire and cable applications.

Braided tubing is available in a wide range of colors and sizes which allows easy and systematic color coding in complex wiring schemes.



What's new?

Hi-Tech Profiles specializes in the extrusion of tubing, hollow rod, bushing stock, and custom shapes. We offer a complete line of Nylon and Acetal in addition to most other engineered thermoplastics. We are developing the following new products.